201712 renewed interest

I've discovered a new interest in drawing, from the beginning:

How to hold the pencil, How to sharpen, measuring, making straight lines. In drawing demonstrations (youtube-videos really), look at how he holds the pencil. These things are not obvious.

Improvised drawing easel

There are creative alternatives if you don't have an easel to work at. Tape your drawing to a large closet or door, the wall if you want. I've been using a drawing board: clip your paper to a wooden board and lean it against your desk.

The dexterity exercises from Peter Han's dynamic sketching, but done standing. Tiring! simple things like point to point / warming up becomes difficult again.

Drawing standing up allows for a greater range of motion. Draw from your whole arm, not just your wrist, this gives you more freedom to work and it'll be easier to get large flowing lines.

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